Upcycling Xmas Gifts With Spray Paint

When you remember that Christmas is just weeks away, you immediately think about presents. We all love the joy of choosing the perfect items for family members or friends, and watching their eyes light up as they open them.

The only thing better than buying the right gift, however, is taking the time to create one yourself. So, here are our top upcycling ideas for a personalised and eco-friendly holiday season!

The very merry picture frame

Upcycling Xmas Gifts With Spray Paint
With forests around the world being chopped down at an alarming rate, the decision to upcycle an old fashioned wooden photo frame with spray paint is an inspired choice. Pick your recipient’s favourite colour, or go fully festive with a bright green, red, or sparkling silver and gold.

Simply place the frame on some old newspaper and spray until it is fully coated. Once dry, you could use stencils and another spray paint colour to create a pattern around the edge – perhaps some twinkling stars or frosty snowflakes?

Insert a treasured photo into the frame and it’s ready to be wrapped!

Recreating a hand-me-down piece

Upcycling Xmas Gifts With Spray Paint
Sometimes you end up with a piece of inherited furniture that just doesn’t fit your space or style. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take this item out of the garage and repurpose it for a new home.

A 1970s sideboard could become a shabby chic masterpiece for a friend’s modern home with a spritz of white spray paint. A dark coffee table from another era could become a new colourful and bright addition to a cousin’s flat with the wide choice of spray paint colours that are now available.

Rather than letting a piece of furniture deteriorate in storage, upcycle it this Christmas season!

Create your own festive gift wrap

Upcycling Xmas Gifts With Spray Paint

Like most people, you probably have a collection of old shoeboxes cluttering up the house. Instead of recycling them during the New Year clear out, upcycle them instead!

On a covered surface, spray paint your chosen Christmas colour on the outside of the boxes and leave to dry. Add the giftee’s name in glitter pen, or attach some jingle bells and Santa hats cut from felt.

Better yet, why not pop on some Christmas music and ask all of your friends to come around and bring a bottle? An upcycling party could be the ultimate way to create unique packaging while beating the wrapping boredom!

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