Failure To Prepare = Preparing To Freeze

One of the hottest summers in living memory is almost behind us. It’s a cold, harsh truth: enough to make you shiver. So now is the time to put away the sun cream and swimming costume, and accept once again that the nights are drawing in… yes, winter is coming (cliché, sorry) and when it arrives you don’t want to be left out in the cold.

Right now, before the chilly weather sets in and forces you to dig out the thermals and hibernate, is the ideal time to focus on finishing those little restoration jobs around the home, shop or business – both inside and out. Maybe you have a garage door or CCTV security camera that needs spray-painting, or your radiators could use a little TLC before you turn on the central heating and fire up Netflix.

Many retailers prepare for the winter by ensuring their shop front or signage is looking good it’s amazing what a little re-spray touch up will solve! Businesses also look to ensure that their roller shutters, CCTV and other parts of their client facing facades are also looking good. These may be the sort of minor tasks that only take an hour or two to finish, but it still makes sense to get them done whilst the climate is relatively mild – beating the freeze is vital, especially with such uncertain weather around.

Farrow & Ball, Dulux & Crown

If you need the right colour to match, whether RAL, British Standards or others, we have a wide range of aerosol spray paints for any job and for any surface: RAL Aerosols offers a wide range of colours to cover all types of surfaces, our new range of aerosols now includes Farrow & Ball, Dulux and Crown Paint colours with fast drying technology which provides a touch dry finish inside 10 minutes.

So don’t delay: make a list of all the little – and not-so-little – touch-up jobs that need doing before winter comes, whether they be at your home or workplace, and finish them off in the easiest, hassle-free way whilst it’s still mild enough to do so easily. It pays to spray early.

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