Street Art In Springtime: 5 Bright And Beautiful Murals

The snow has melted and the days are getting longer. Some look forward to springtime for the animals, some for the walks. Us? All winter long, we’ve been waiting to get outside and paint.

With the winter weather soon to be behind us, street artists all over the world – from Ghent to Bristol – are stocking up on spray paint for the outdoor painting season.

To celebrate the warmer weather, we’ve picked five artists whose murals capture the essence of spring. Get ready to be inspired.

Hannah Adamaszek

Hannah Adamaszek Upfest Street Art
Artist: Hannah Adamaszek | Location: The Steam Crane, Bristol, UK | Image by

Hannah Adamaszek Upfest Street Art

Brighton-based Hannah Adamaszek’s murals are instantly recognisable, and her imaginative women and curious animals bring colourful energy to walls inside and out.

Each artwork gives us a snapshot of a complex human or animal character, either deep in thought or action. Like the first day of spring, they’re bright, involving and utterly refreshing.


Aspire Upfest Street Art
Artist: Aspire | Location: Bristol | Image by @aspireartwork Instagram


When it comes to precision, no detail is too small for Aspire. Focusing primarily on natural subjects, each strand of fur is afforded extra care, which makes the juxtaposition between natural scenes and pixelated colour seem even more stark.

Matt W Moore

Matt W Moore Street Art Paris
Artist: Matt W Moore | Location: Paris | Image by MWM Graphics


Brightening up grey, drab walls with a little spray paint and a lot of creativity, Matt W Moore specialises in colourful geometric compositions. His steady use of pigment and fastidiously precise lines make many of the pieces feel almost other-worldly.

Louis Masai

Louis Masai Street Art Los Angeles
Artist: Louis Masai | Location: Los Angeles | Image by


Documenting endangered creatures in his artwork, Louis Masai’s murals are often associated with activism, though he says his intent is driven mainly by aesthetics. He immortalises animals on the verge of extinction and his rhinos, honey bees and coral are particularly affecting.

Saroj Patel

Saroj Patel Street Art Sagra India
Artist: Saroj Patel | Location: | Image by


Saroj Patel’s beautiful outdoor artworks celebrate nature in all its glory. Hiking in forests and mountains has given her the inspiration to capture moments of stillness and chaos, and it shows: her compositions are an explosion of organic forms, flora and wildlife.

No matter where you are in the world, RAL Aerosols can deliver spray paint right to you. Sunny days are right around the corner, so we’re bound to see bright new murals cropping up across the globe. Make sure you’re stocked up so you can join in the creative fun.

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